Our fully equipped technical office covers a wide range of services and building projects. Our concern is the elaboration of application studies, the construction of perfect technical projects and their delivery within the defined limits of cost, time and quality, resulting in the proper utilization of your investments.


Studies - Buildings

  • Architecture Study
    Design of bioclimatic and minimally energy consuming spaces, of any building project.
  • Static Studies
    Completely safe anti-seismic constructions.
  • Electromechanical Studies
    Complete studies with modern design & amp; specialized automations.

Technical support - Studies of buildings and building complexes

Supervision of the constructions with simultaneous monitoring of the financial data of the project.

Real estate development and utilization

Preparation of an investment development plan.

Financial support - Integration of investments in development laws

Cooperation with investment study drafting offices with the utilization of development laws.

Legal assistance

Direct cooperation with civil law offices.